Is it possible to sample a scene texture at a lower resolution?

I am currently creating an outline post-processing material which utilises the custom depth scene texture to do edge detection. I am only sampling the 8 pixels around the fragment but would like to increase the width of the outline. The most effective solution I can think of is to down-scale the custom depth texture to a lower resolution when sampling it, that way the outline will be larger. However I cannot find any way to down sample a scene texture, is this possible? Any help would be much appreciated.

jctwood, when I’ve created a similar effect I’ve just used a larger UV offset for the 8 directions I’m sampling and it has achieved what you want. But I’d recommend you just save yourself a bunch of time and download this solution from Tom Looman and move on to the more interesting stuff that will make your game unique. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I multiplied the uv offset and it helped a lot!