is it possible to run a UE4 Application without DirectX

I have made a simple walk around architectural visualization for work and the application runs just fine on my system however i need it to be able to run on low end systems that are unable to update their direct X or video cards or download any additional plugins to make the application run. When i try to run the application on such systems i receive this error message. My co worker had no problem running the application after installing but he has admin privileges that the other systems cant access and are unable to install. I have tried packaging it out at the lowest settings possible and for mobile devices but i cannot get it to open on these systems. Is it at all possible to package out an application with UE4 that does not require any graphic card upgrades or direct X? I am very new to UE4 and i’m a 3D artist not a game developer so this is all very new territory for me.


I think you misunderstanding something, DirectX is only software and you can install it regardless of card you have, all of them with work with DirectX as long as it has compatible driver, so go update it you don’;t need to do anythign with GPU. You also need to update C++ runtime as it tells you too, without lot of newest software won’t work, because it’s windows’s C++ standard library.

UE4 minimum hardware requirement on desktop is GPU that supported at least Shader Model 4.0 (popularly called DX10, but thats not DX) and thing below won’t work at all.

You can also run UE4 on OpenGL by using running game with -opengl or -opengl4 in command line, support for OpenGL is build in GPU drivers.