Is it possible to resize / chop size a level

Hi, I’m still quite new to unreal

My question is, is it possible to resize / chop a level once you’ve started creating everything in it

I’ve added a little stone henge, added a waterfall and started to play around with foliage, and now I’m running into performance issues (both in design and game play)

I am using a level that is 100x100x100, but I really don’t need it that big

I tried to re-scale the landscape using transform scale, but it seems that halving squishes the entire map, which is as expected, but not what I want

What I would like to do is chop off some of the level, keeping the content in the middle the same, is this possible?

Or do I have to start again :s

if I use the scale objects tool on the landscape, it expectedly scales

Is there anything that trims rather than scales?

In the landscape tools under Management you have options to add/subtract landscape components.