Is it possible to replicate a datatable?

Let’s say a datatable on the server was updated with the new info, is there a way to replicate it to the client without the client update? The system is in early design and I was thinking of excluding this particular datatable from a client build altogether because it will change frequently on the server (ideally even during runtime), but the client needs read-only access at least on login. So I am looking for a way to replicate it (tried so far as a property in GameState, but the client side pointer stays NULL).

Data tables are design-time objects, so runtime update isn’t supported.

If I may shamelessly plug my er, plugins, it may be a better idea to use Runtime DataTable to update a struct array from CSV on the server then replicate the structs to respective clients. Alternatively, you could put the CSV on Google Sheets and update data directly on GSheets and have your clients pull the new data from the sheet directly so you don’t have to mess around with replicating those structs.

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Awesome, i was leaning towards making something like that myself, but i rather pay 15 bucks and save some time. Does the plugin include the source in case i need to change something?

Indeed it does! And in a month ish it will have private sheets and sheets export support. Right no wit only supports download from public sheets or local text csv import/export. Best of luck on your project!