Is it possible to render somewhat fluids like this?

Is UE4 capable of rendering “fluid” or somewhat simulations like this? I need to fill a big area of goldcoins. Laying down the props with the foliagetool is the current solution, but the performence is better not to speak of. What other things can I do to archive this, if its possible?

I do understand the fluid and simulations is never easy and theres no “make awezome fluids” magic button. Ive seen fluids that have taken over 24 hours to render out fully. Here is what Im looking for:

(Yes, I still got dragonsickness)

I personally would use a scrolling tiling texture with some particles on top of it. If you want an actual simulation, you’ll probably need a 3d party plug in like houdini 3d and bake it all down.

Uncharted 4 uses a similar approach

I’d do that coins scene as deforming mesh/surface (either real-time or baked in a 3D app) with POM material.

That sounded like a good idea. Its like simulating a simulation :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, heightmap can be animated (flipbook?) so that you also get illusion of coins rolling over each other (that would have to be rendered in a 3D app too).

In the Hobbit UE4 VR Demo that they had at GDC last year the coins were animated using an animated tiling texture like people have suggested, that along with multiple animated deforming meshes and some particle effects to throw some coins around

So UE4 is able to render animated tiling textures? Ive seen the lava in the Elemetal demo, is that what were talking about?

I think it was just using a panner, you might be able to do something more complex using panner and an animated texture

I’ll see if I can find out :slight_smile:

My approach would be to have card actors that are aligned on the same angle as a terrain and use the distance from surface to wrap to it’s shape. then either do the uv anim to make it ‘slide’ down or actually move the card down itself. Along with parallax occlusion would look quite cool.

I looked into animated textures and it didnt look too difficult.
My next step would be to handpaint the gold and make it animated with a panner.
Where can I learn about card actors and parallax occlusion?2f0698b837cf499e615f4fce2f74470298515211.jpeg
I already did a gold texture in SubstancePainter not long ago.

There is a big thread for POM stuff + you should check out latest version of Content examples in Launcher - some POM examples were added in 4.12 if I’m not mistaken

UE4 must get fluidsimulations anytime soon. Thanks for your response all, Ive gathered alot of info already :slight_smile:


Now I modeled and textured a simple Erebor themed coin. How can I use cards to simulate it, without having to lay it down manually with the foliage tool?

I think it would be more efficient to have cards that contain many coins and then layer up the cards and have then travel at different speeds. I think using the render to texture BP with physics objects piled up just like in the parallax video here…