Is it possible to render an image with multiple separated parts?

Hi everyone, I’m new to UE4 and to the site. Hope you guys can help.

I am essentially using the engine to take high res screenshots. Is it possible to render an image with multiple separated parts?

If example I had a character, sky, sun and ocean - is it possible to render each ‘layer’ on its own, for use in another program, Photoshop etc. I think this is called multipass or object buffering???

Any assistance would be awesome, apologies if covered before.



No, there’s no way to separate objects into passes

Oh thats a shame, do you think it may be something that may appear in a future update? Has it been in any previous versions at all?



you can put your objects in different layers and hide/show the layers and take screenshots of them one by one. if you’re making static scenes or still frame captures from matinee it could be enough
also if you have translucency things would get much more tricky, but they will get more tricky for any use anyway :slight_smile:

love the thread title btw :smiley:

Hi Chokser, I was thinking something as simple as that may work. I shall give this a try when I figure out how to layer and save a camera location.


Gotta love film refs

That’s not likely

I played around with rendering each item from their own layer, it works to a certain degree, but fails with stuff like shadows. Shame, but thanks for your help.

Hi everyone, just fyi I tried a command called “renderterxtures” in conjunction with the screenshot option in the viewport dropdown menu and I got like 12 different images. One is alpha channel which is helpful for masking out the BG.