Is it possible to refresh a skybox material from a blueprint? [SOLVED]

I am trying to create a sky day/night cycle. Every second, I want the skybox’s color to update to match a certain color. I am not using a predetermined sun and I have “colors determined by sun position” unchecked because I want custom colors for the sky (vibrant blue days and very dark nights). I have the colors and the formulas needed to set them based on the in-game time already set up. I’d like to know how to use the “refresh material” bool in the skybox from a blueprint. Thus far, I’ve tried to set it to true from the blueprint, but it doesn’t update the sky or uncheck itself like it normally does when you click it.

EDIT: I’ve found out how to do it. I delved into the Skybox blueprint and found the actual nodes for the “refresh material” bool. I used the “Set Vector Parameter Value” node to set the colors I wanted, and it worked in-game.