Is it possible to record and export parts of your project in video format at RUNTIME?

So, I have been playing with the sequencer and you can set up a scene and export it as a video. However, I cannot find any nodes on how to record during runtime.

I am comfortable with a BP or C++ answer

Win Matinee/Sequencer there’s a movie button/clap board (like in the beginning of a movie scene to give information to the editor). Click that button for recording options.

These posts have extra information. I hope that answers your question!

Thanks for that, but, I just realised I didn’t empahsise that I need multiple different videos, one for each animation being played. Sequencer records it as a whole and won’t let me record parts or let me control it of external scripts. Matinee, does let me use external scripts, but shuts down after I stop the first recording.

Neither of these, work at Runtime

I had a chat with a developer at Epic Games and the solution we came up with was to export a full video, with time stamps saved to a txt. Then use a Python and batch script to cut the video into smaller videos and upload it to a server.

The engine is not built for this and to even get something similar within the engine, one would need to heavily edit the engine source code