Is it possible to propeperly simulate physics for melee weapon in Character hand?

Hi community,very appreciate what you’re doing for people like me :slight_smile: I know that UE4 has very good component “PhysicalAnimation” for simulate bones while animation playing on them so the bones movement looks more realistic. But i don’t understand how the similar behaviour for melee weapon (spear for example) in hands.

  1. I made physical animation for Left and Right hand
  2. I tried to simulate for spear that was attached to weapon but spear just falls down.
  3. I used PhysicConstraint between Spear and Right hand bone, it starts store in hand but when i’m doing attack in front of wall the spear starts to go messy around go from one side to another.
    Somebody helps me what should i do? Any help or ideas appreaciate blueprint or c++

hello, have you found a solution to this problem? I am in the same boat