Is it possible to package a VR project without a HMD?

If i’m preparing a VR project for a client with a HMD, do i need one myself or can i package the project specifically for a certain HMD?

Creating the package doesn’t require a HMD, however for general testing and making sure things all work in the HMD I would say it is necessary.
You can just package it normally as you would any other game, just make sure the StartInVR is true - You can usually set it to a VR project in the Project Settings.

Hi thanks for the reply.
This is very helpful.
This is an archviz project with vr interactivity similar to the realistic rendering project from the UE library.
It’s for a client with Samsung Gear. I assumed I could build the vr scene within the vr template and package the project to android. Does 4.18 still require me to install the relevant SDK files?

To my knowledge, there is not much difference within the packaging process as it is basically cooking the content and creating an .exe file just the same. The only difference is that when the project is rendered, it runs through a pipeline which uses stereo view to draw the image to each eye.
So you shouldn’t need anything different when creating the package, although I cannot guarantee that’s the case for Andriod.