Is it possible to overwrite a texture in BP?

I have a texture with pony and I want to overwrite it with a texture with kitten. Is it possible via blueprint?

Texture Render Target does something similar (e.g. SceneCapture2D can write texture value in runtime), but I want to set it to some other texture, not scene render. Any clues?

Use texture parameter in material, here oytu have doc if you dont know baout parameters at all:

Texture works same as those showed there, simply it sets texture sampler in material

Thanks, I know how to set texture parameter in material, but I’m asking about overwriting the actual texture asset, not material parameter. So e.g. you have a texture asset with kitten and another texture asset with a dog, then you do something like textureWithKitten = textureWithDog; and you have two texture assets with dog now.

I did some further research though, and it seems that it’s not possible without C++…

I was brainstorming (or rather brainfarting) to find a solution for ‘universal’ texture pool with ability to set ‘temp’ textures, and so on, for one of my tools… Actually nevermind, it was too crazy idea, I don’t need this anymore :slight_smile: I’ll accept your answer now, you and your cat deserves it!

Yea, but why you want to do so? UTexture should be consider texture it self