Is it possible to modify displacement based on depth fade?

I am working on an ocean shader and want to modify the Gerstner waves based on how close they are to the shoreline. I will have a more advanced modification eventually, but to test, I simply tried to multiply the displacement by a depth fade node to reduce the strength. This gave me an error and I discovered that the depth fade node is not directly compatible with displacement. Is there a way to work with depth fade’s output to accomplish what I’m trying to do or are there better ways to go about this?


No, you obviously can’t use depth fade displacement because displacement affects pixel depth.
You should be using distance field instead.

Or just 4.26

I looked into doing this with distance fields. To test it, I plugged the output of this section of nodes into the base color so I could see the shoreline it detects. Everything I found on the subject led to roughly the set of nodes shown in the included image, but it always comes up with a very thin outline. I need a much thicker area of effect to use for the shore. Is there a better way to use distance fields for detecting a shoreline?