is it possible to make an outline shader for mobiles?

is it possible to achieve an effect like the picture below?

SceneTexture node is not supported on mobiles so i don’t know if it’s possible.

I see no image, but for mobile it might be better to use a mesh outline instead of a post process. Which essentially involves making a duplicate mesh with a flat material, pushing the vertices out a bit and inverting the normals, it’s a very, very old trick but it still works well. The main benefit of this is it is extremely low cost because it takes advantage of backface culling instead of overdraw so it is essentially fully opaque. Unfortunately it’s a pain to edit and requires storing duplicates of your meshes in memory which isn’t efficient.

I’ve always thought it might be possible to invert vertex normals inside the vertex shader, but I wasn’t able to figure it out (and I’m not sure if backface culling would still work).

Another approach to doing this is to use a two-sided masked material that is masked according to the TwoSidedSign node.

Doing it in the material means you pay an overdraw cost for the masked portion but it saves memory of having to store a different version of the mesh.

Here’s a good tutorial showing these methods:…lines-tutorial

Keep in mind this approach requires a duplicate mesh which means you’re effectively doubling your triangle count. So it’s cheap if you’re using it for something like a highlighting effect for selected objects, but if you’re trying to put outlines over the entire world it will probably get heavy.