Is it possible to make a mesh transparent without changing its material?

I have a telekinesis spell in my game, it functions like Half-Life 2’s physics gun.

I would like to make the grabbed object to become transparent. I know how to do it by changing its material, but my question is, is there any way to do it without changing the object’s material (which most often is BLEND_Opaque)?

I tried hiding/un-hiding the mesh in the Tick event, but it’s not fast enough to look nice.

Hey lxiguis -

While the Opaque Blend Mode will not allow you to get the type of quick fade out you are looking for you can use the Masked Blend Mode and a setup like below to do a faux fade out:

Here is all you would need in the Opacity Mask Channel:

Here is the Effect Running:


Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Cool, thanks!

Hi, I am using UE 4.8 and this is the error I got after using using this with the opacity mask: undeclared identifier ‘output parameters’. Did you just connect this whole thing to the opacity mask?

Hi Kuo -

Yes, that setup is plugged directly into Opacity Mask and then I use the Scalar Parameter in a Material Instance to drive the fade you see in the GIF above. Can you take a screenshot of your material setup including your Material Attributes Detail panel and I can take a look to see if anything obvious stands out.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Could be better if you create a Material Instance from the Actor´s Material, create a Material Expresson constant, with value 1, and make it as a param of the Material Instance.

In you blueprint, just change the value as you need, could be using a timeline for example.