Is it possible to load and play BVH animation for character?


Is it possible to load and play BVH animation from file for character with BluePrint?



UE4 not support directly BVH animation. You need convert BVH to FBX.

Is it possible to play external FBX files with animation? Now I am thinking - is it possible to make game with mods support, like in Sims 3. In Sims 3 possible to make game mod package with standalone animation fileā€¦ Can it be realized in UE4 - loading external animation file to the game, for example on game startup?

UE4 not support loading external animation, only import to Editor. But you can add C++ code, which can add your animation from any file.

Can you provide examples of such code?

Howd you go here? Find a solution?

Id like to be able to load external FBX animation files in my app/game.