Is it possible to limit the cpu usage of the lightmass build?


I have a laptop that I use to build lighting in my scenes, and I’d like to keep the cpu temp lower than it is for the duration of time spent baking lightmass. Would it be possible to limit the cpu usage to something like 75% rather than 100% of available cpu power? Obviously, it’ll take longer to bake, but I’m fine with this. Also, ram of course is no issue. 48gigs on board, if that’s relevant.


Open Swarm Agent. In settings, enable Developer Settings. Then the developer settings tab has two settings - “LocalJobsDefaultProcessorCount” and “RemoteJobsDefaultProcessorCount”. These control the number of threads Lightmass will use for local builds, or network ones. These numbers include hyperthreading - so if you have a 4 core i7 with hyperthreading, you have 8 available. In that case the default “LocalJobsDefaultProcessorCount” will be 7 - the default for local builds being all but one processor core. Change that to 6 and it would use 3+3 (hyperthreading) cores, so 75%.

Thank you!

You can also down-clock your processor, but that requires learning how to do it in the BIOS settings.