Is it possible to Lerp between two .dds textures?

I am trying to create a sky sphere that transitions from one texture to another overtime; I was able to get it to work with pngs as the textures. However when I attempt to use a dds format texture, it keeps giving me errors. I’ve tried a parametercube instead but it doesn’t seem to work either. Is it possible to even use dds format textures in a texture node? I am relatively new to unreal so any help would be appreciated.

Yes it is possible but you need to add an input on the UVs. On the UVs connect a reflection vector and to that connect a constant 3vector like this:

The reflection vector isn’t necessary, just the UVs a contant3vector will work for that, but either way you are getting the error because it needs the UV input. The reflection vector is just the way I did it previously…your material will have a different purpose I’m sure.

Your solution works perfectly, I don’t get anymore errors and the texture is coming out perfectly. I was trying to figure out an alternative to how to make this work with pngs, but this saved my from all that trouble. Thank you very much!

Great! Glad it worked for you, don’t forget to mark this as resolved/answered.