Is it possible to launch VR mode for only one client?

Hi there,

I’m trying to test out some VR network code, and I want to make it so only 1 client launches in VR mode. If I put the number of players to 2, and press “Launch in VR”, it creates 2 instances that have VR mode running. This slows down the game considerably, and also binds the headset movement to both players, which is not ideal.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

Hi pushmatrix. Did you find anything about your issue ? I’m looking for the same thing.

Just in case

Oh nice! And were you testing all of this on one machine?

Yes. The issue I have right now is that the VR client is not refreshed if the window is not focused. Do you have an idea about this ?

That’s great news! I’ll have to try this out. Unfortunately I don’t know why the VR client wouldn’t be refreshed though :frowning: