Is it possible to insert a LOD 'between' other LODs?

I wonder if someone can help…

I understand how to change LODs for a mesh and how to add extra LODs, but I’m trying to add a new LOD **between **the other LODs.

It’s a product from the market place and LOD3 had been specially imported ( and is well made ) and has very few triangles ( like 50 ), whereas the next closest LOD has about 20k. So I want to keep it.

I’m trying to make a LOD between 2 and 3. Trouble is, when I add a new LOD, it becomes LOD4 and I can’t put it’s screen size between the other LODs.

In essence I need to rename LOD3 as LOD4 and make my new one as LOD3.

Am I missing something simple?

Any answers welcome :slight_smile: