Is it possible to implement MMO personal quest instances with default replication?

In different mmos there is such thing as personal quest phases, when you enter a separate part of the map where you have your own state of it, your own state of NPCs, etc. This state is common only between you and your group members, other players have different state of it. E.g. phases in SWTOR.

Unreal default replication expects that within the same game instance on the same map, the data is replicated from server to all clients the same way.

Is it possible to implement personal quest phases without switching the level which takes time in Unreal and what’s the best way to do it? Some suggestions:

  1. Switching the level but quickly? Pre load the level when near, then instantly switch to another host (another game instance on server)? Seems unlikely as no host migration.

  2. Same map, but switching host from server to yourself when you enter this phase. Seems unlikely as no host migration.

  3. New actor instance for each new player entering the phase, then this actor is only replicated to this player. However, this can lead to problems on the server part (e.g. NPCs see each other via their AI logic, collide between each other)

Similar option to option 2 is non replicated NPCs, while host is server. However, this wouldn’t allow replication to other group members and therefore not acceptable.