Is it possible to have multiple directional/skylights visible at the same time?

Hey everyone!

That’s pretty much it, I had this idea for a portfolio piece that would be something similar to this scene in Dr. Strange

So essentially I would be making 4 environments in one (killing 4 birds with 1 stone :# haha). But I can’t figure out how to have multiple lighting scenarios visible on screen at the same time.

I tried doing it with HDRIs but it’s treated as a skylight and you can’t have multiple sky/directional/hdri lights in the same level.

I would appreciate very much any suggestions, tips, or ideas on how I could approach this!


Just do render targets.
Basically make the window a material. Take the screenshot of the environment, stick it into the window.

You can look up how to make Portals if you want to allow the character to move through it but the idea is much the same.

When the collision happens the preloaded level is transitioned into. Or perhaps entierly loaded.

Also. Nothing keeps you from having a thousand directional lights in a persistent if they are loaded in and disabled by unloading.

And if all you need is a screencap, then performance is not a factor (but the directional lights will definitelu fight one another, so you would still need to turn them off and create a render for the doorway.

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Hey, thanks for the tips!

I forgot to mention the test I did was using the PortalsBP from the marketplace, but yeah, I think I’ll have to “fake it” with a video of the environment on the window.
I’m trying to keep it with good performance and I think that will probably be the best solution, maybe just add some vfx in the window level to really sell the movement and weather of the environments inside.

Thanks again for the tips man!

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