Is it possible to have a per-object shader?

Hey there,
I am trying to build a shader which is passed to the “GlobalPostProcessVolume” but currently it affects the whole screen.
Is it possible to have the shader effect only affect a specific region in the world? i.e. just objects within a specified radius around the coursor (trying to have some kind of fish-eye distortion around the cursor).
So something like a per-object-shader?

thanks in advance

It is possible. Within limited margin. PostProcess still a “post” process. It’s applied to a rendered image (like a photoshop filter).

You could use Custom Depth to render a mask for your object.

Here’s a links that may be useful:

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Tom Looman - Outline Effect in Unreal Engine 4

As for mouse position you could use Get Mouse Position node and feed this info to shader by Dynamic Material Instance parameter.