Is it possible to have a Level load While the user is preoccupied with something else?

Hello, i was trying to bridge multiple levels together when i finally tried to play the demo of what i have so far. While i was trying to troubleshoot the demo, i realized that it took about 5-10 mins per map (level) to load. I was just wondering (and i couldnt find anything about this on the forums), but was there a way to somehow "load the level while the user or player is in another level. In other word, is it possible to load level #2 while you are playing level # 1 so that switching levels is faster. When the player would get to level 2, level 3 would then pre-load, awaiting the user/player to “enter” level 3… or is that level streaming?

Yes have a look at Level Streaming.

I thought level streaming was for loading certain sections of a level or map , not complete other maps in a whole?

Awesome, that helped a lot, thank you