Is it possible to get the face of an object hit via line trace by channel?

I’m currently working on a basic building system which works init of itself although I need to add some further functionality which requires to do a line trace (or other method) to get the face of a placed object (static mesh) is this possible through line trace or other methods? My setup being a line trace from the players camera and in an example situation of looking at the right side of a cube and doing a line trace it would return right side and left side for the left side, etc… Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

If you need to determine the actor rotation, then it’s fairly easy. You can compare the Normal vector from the Trace Hit with the Actor’s Forward/Right/Up vector.

If the Actor uses complex geometry, you can try using Find Look At Rotation from the actor’s origin to the Trace Hit location, and use that vector for comparison. It will deviate by some angle that depends on the Actor’s geometry, so maybe you’ll have to do some math.

Or you can Find Look At Rotation from the Camera to the Actor and compare it against the Actor’s Forward/Right/Up Vector. In this case you won’t even have to use Trace.

Or, depending on the Camera setup, maybe the Camera’s Forward Vector will be sufficient instead of Find Look At Rotation.