Is it possible to get Fortnites materials, textures for unreal or 3d modelling?

Hello! I was wondering how to get fortnites textures for 3d modelling and unreal because i wanted to model some props and environments looking like fortnite and i couldn’t find any of them probably and so i wanna try to get them. Is it possible? Help me out please! Thanks!

Possible, yes, legal, probably not. Fortnite is copyrighted by Epic Games, and unless they give you permission to use assets from Fortnite, you can’t legally use their assets. Now, if you wanted to use their assets for non-commercial products, you’d still have to get permission, but that would probably be easier. You should contact epic directly if you want to use any of their assets.

Thanks for reply. So i just sent some emails about getting a permission and i hope ill get what i want