Is it possible to get an anamorphic bokeh (not a lens flare)?


I was wondering if it’s possible to get an anamorphic bokeh = means everything that out of focus doubles vertically and creates moderate distortion (not a fisheye type of distortion).
Sample (check ovals in DoF, on a regular optics it would be a circle and etc.):

As a filmmaker I use anamorphic lenses pretty often, especially when I need to underline the character in the frame.
Slight distortion and oval bokeh are creating a specific look which “extends your character from a screen”.


and etc.

Since my main focus of using Unreal engine as the replacement for Redshift and Octane renders (I work on my animated series), I’d love to have this option and I’m guessing if it’s possible and how to achieve it.
Again, lens flare is nothing significant really :slight_smile:

Would appreciate any advice, link to a tutorial or whatever idea you have!