Is it possible to fill holes created by opacity masks?

Hi, I’m looking for some help at filling the gaps left by opacity masks such as the sphere mask. I’ve seen many people use a twosidedsign and apply emissive to the inside of objects, the problem with this method is that when any other object intersects with the masked object, the illusion breaks down.

Here is a video that demonstrates the effect If you skip to 9:58 you can see the ground plane showing inside the mesh, this is what I am trying to avoid.

Any help is much appreciated

It depends on how the sphere mask is being used, doesn’t it? or opacity mask? can you give more details / further description of the use-case?

I would think a subtraction operation, a 1-x node, and possibly a scene depth node might be involved. I’m a beginner like you, though. By two-sided, do you mean the material is set to two-sided? Adding a plane or a mesh can fix a gap, but it probably has to be designed exactly for the situation.

Haven’t tested it but you may be able to do it by following the post process or deluxe method in this article: