Is it possible to fade out the opacity of a widget image over time?

Kind of frustrated right now, because I’ve been trying to solve this for a good half hour now, and I still have no idea how I should go about solving it. Long story short, my end goal is to be able to have an image on my player’s “kind-of-HUD” widget fade out over two seconds specifically, until it’s gone and I can get rid of it. The thing is, I’ve tried messing with the widget, level blueprint, the material, and a material function, and I’m no closer. Both the material and material function actually let the widget image fade over time, but I have no control over the time besides the period over which it fades. It just starts using the time-based blueprint as soon as the game starts, and I only want them to start at a specific point, which as far as I can tell, is impossible. The level blueprint and widget blueprint don’t even let me change the opacity that well, so those two are out. There’s too much stuff to really take pictures, especially since half of the stuff I tried I got rid of and don’t remember.

If anyone knows how to simply fade out an image in a widget exactly when I want to, it would be excellent if they could share!