Is It possible to export base body into Maya LT?

Hello, I would like to get the base body mesh into Maya LT for custom outfit creation. Since the export plug in only works with the full version of Maya and exporting to Unreal has the character with clothes, is it currently impossible to get the base body into Maya LT?

Please take a look to this thread: Problem with the head in Maya
Hopefully this solves it for you.

I’ll take a look, thank you!

You need to set up your download settings in Bridge: select your metahuman, click the gear at the bottom right of Bridge, select Download Settings, Models, change the Metahumans dropdown to include Source Asset. The Maya scene will appear under a folder called asset_ue_source/MetaHumans/Name/SourceAssets.

he not request for normal MAYA, it is MAYA LT for indie game . metaHuman seem like not
support for MAYA LT (only for indie game).

then MAYA LT seem like no change to use high quality Metahuman. :sob: