Is it possible to export a material as a texture?

In the arch-viz industry, there is a constant back and forth between sketch → model → visualize → revision. some of the materials we achieve in UE4 are unexpected. Is it possible to export these materials as 1024x1024 (or whatever size) textures for use back in sketchup or to send out as samples to various manufactures? I realize the result of the material is often world dependent, especially with lighting, cam distance, or scene reflections, but i was wondering if this could be achieved with an export tool from the material editor rather than screenshot crop.

Yeah, it is possible. Look into Render to Texture tool.

brilliant! this is way more than what i was expecting, but is perfect. for any others that run across this thread, i’ll include this link as well for the console command:
Alternate “rendertextures” console command