Is it possible to draw an emissive glowing material on render target canvas?

I have a render target, on that I am using draw material [draw material doc][1], a normal material gets drawn correctly…
But if I want to make it glow by scaling the emission value it doesn’t work… I read in the draw material documents that “Remember that only the emissive channel is able to be rendered as no lighting is performed when rendering to the Canvas.”, so I think its not possible to have the glow effect in this case as emissive channel here is just for rendering and no lighting is applied? The material I am trying to use is unlit (which glows correctly when applied to any static meshes directly in map but not when drawn on canvas:

And this is how I am drawing the material (tried both cpp and blueprints):


Emissive textures only glow due to bloom (afaik). Being part of the post-processing, the bloom is only affected by emissive materials rendered as part of the game world. I guess you could either fake the bloom on the texture itself, or make it part of the game world.

Ah, thanks for explaining… read a bit about how bloom works and what you say makes sense. Since I am drawing the emissive material into render canvas, at the postprocess step it can’t really know that render target material had emissive materials drawn onto it and anyway it(the thing I am drawing) doesn’t have any world object(mesh) associated with it which is needed for bloom. Do you have ideas how I can ‘fake’ the bloom on texture?

The glowing parts of the texture will need a glowing edge. (Their emissive colour going beyond their original edge.) Making the glowing parts “more white” should then complete the illusion of a bright glow.

ok, you mean the texture itself will be a image having glowing edges… Thanks will try.