Is it possible to dev in UE4 editor with a cloud computer as Shadow PC ?

Hi to all,

Is it possible to run Unreal4editor with a “Shadow PC” (Cloud computer) and “Virtual Desktop” (VR Streaming) and Oculus Quest 2 because UE4 always blocks at 39%?

Thanks for your help.

It most likely comping shaders and oyu may have restricted CPU usage that slows it down, you can see what UE4 is doing on start up by starting UE4Editor.exe with -LOG option, it will open window with live view of the window.

So for re-testing it tonight but with the real time logs, I managed to make UE4 work for dev in RV
In fact it was stuck at 39% because there were 3000 shaders to compile so I just had to wait.

Very happy, I was looking at my bank account this morning and I thought “how long will it take me to buy a desktop PC, I need it fast…and then my anxiety is shattered”.

Thanks very very much for your help :wink:

Soory for my poor english x)