Is it possible to create Tcp IP Connection using Headers from Engine\Source\ThirdParty Folder

Greetings everyone,

I try to build up a simple test program in which an Actor in UE lift up and down via data from a server. UE Program should be the client and my c++ ConsoleApp on the other PC should be the server. For the server code I used simple the basic example from Microsoft to test if I can get a connection between both PCs in the first step. For the UE part I used the tutorial from Rama.

Microsoft: Complete Winsock Server Code - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn
Rama Link: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

I get both codes to work but they are unable to create a connection. Thats why I digged deeper into the engine source files and found some good looking header files in the ThirdParty folder of the engine which I want to try to use insteed of the Rama Tut code. I thought about trying to use tcp_client_socket.h or tcp_socket_win.h. So my question is first of all could that be a good way to get my program working. And second question is how can I use this classes? I couldnĀ“t find a description in the documentation about how to use/include those classes from the ThirdParty folder.

Thanks to everyone who wants to help.

PS: I would also be very thanksful if anyone who already did something like and get it to work in what way ever would like to share his code with me or let me know which classes he used. Thanks!