Is it possible to create Instanced Texture (Not Material)?

What if i want to use same texture, but in different situations with different X/Y Tiling Method? Or different Adjustments?

Hi newbprofi,

It isn’t possible to create a Instanced Texture, but this is exactly why Instanced Materials were created.

Essentially you would create the material you want to use as the parent and then make the Instanced Material based off of that with the alterations you would like. To alter the Instanced Material you would create Parameters in the parent Blueprint and then alter those parameters in the Instance Material.

Using this method saves on processing versus using an Instanced Texture, which would have the same amount of draw call but would have to load the textures again for each one.

I hope I explained that clearly, sometime materials can get complex. Below is a link to more info on how to create parameters for Material Instances.

Thanks, TJ