Is it possible to create a fluid simulation like this one in Blender in Unreal 4?

If someone can tell me if you can do this with fluid inside Unreal 4 thank you :slight_smile:


O.k. thanks.

Flex is cool, but only for NVIDA GFX, so far i know.

Thanks yeah I am using U4 for a visual effects shot and it looks like I will have to do the fluid effect in Blender and comp it in over the U4 rendered camera. U4 is not really a 3D modeling program :slight_smile: Not yet anyways :slight_smile:
I dont really want to get third parties like NVidia involved either need to stick to open source.
There is no budget in V.F.X. these days for anything :slight_smile:
U4 is awesome for rendering out a flying camera over landscape though. Much faster render time then in 3D modeling program :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about Flex specifically but like half of the Gameworks stuff works on any hardware, whether it’s Nvidia or AMD.
The issue is that stuff is usually pretty intensive so you mostly avoid it.

There’s not really any issue in using them except for the performance hit.

Thanks. Yeah last time I had to apply for some kind of NVidia developers thing and I dont think that went anywhere.
Cant remember. I already have Blender and I think I will just render the fluid effect in there.
Its just as great.
But for the flying over a landscape definitely Unreal :slight_smile:

You don’t have to apply for anything, the Nvidia branch of UE4 is available if you’re already using UE4, you just go to their github link

I see. In that case I will definitely do that and try it out. Looks awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Hi one more bother sorry :slight_smile: I go to this link and it looks like the web page moved.
Is there another link I can use?
Doesn’t look like you can access inside the U4 launcher.
Thank you!

I find this page and at the bottom you have to sign up for a whole developer’s zone kinda thing.

Is this the wrong link perhaps? :slight_smile: is the right link, but you need to have a github account and it needs to be linked to your UE4 account via the account details at

Thanks I just created Github account and linked it.
Working through this and looking forward in seeing how this works :slight_smile:

Bare in mind that the FLEX integration is still very much a WIP and is very very performance intensive. My branch, linked in my signature has more features implemented for FLEX, allowing for unlimited particle count, where as the base NVIDIA branch, ur limited by the max particle count of a particle system. Basically my branch would be able to generate something similar to the blender video above, but not at realtime performance at all. Here is an example of what I was able to do using my custom branch:

Running on a Titan X I was able to achieve realtime results, but thats with nothing else in the scene.

Thanks that looks pretty good. All I need to generate is blood washing or running off a rusted plate rising out of river water.
Its not going to be terribly complicated.
Real time and performance is no issue at all.
I am “filming” it with a 4K Matinee camera and exporting as single frame PNG files.
Its a cinematic logo for a movie company.
So its not for a game its a visual effects shot.

So …
I got as far as setting up and linking my GitHub account with Epic and cloning the Engine.
Here is a screen grab of the cloning:

So I also downloaded the NVIDIA Flex Zip file from the gameworks site and extracted it.

I need just a little guidance now to continue with the next step.
I already created a branch in my GitHub client.
I am not sure why I am doing all this yet but I kinda get the idea.
… I think :slight_smile:
You basically create a clone of your game engine version so you can modify it with the NVIDIA plugins so that
your original install stays protected and that you can share your project files over the web?
Do I have that more or less right? :slight_smile:

So how do I get the Flex to work now in the new cloned version of the engine?
If you guys can tell me what the next steps are I would really appreciate it thank you !!!

I think I need to create the project file in the launcher now right?
Then the Flex plugin should work in it?

Should also mention I have VS 2015 and not 2013 installed and working in U4.
Is that an issue?

So if I understand the next step correctly I double click on Generate project files “batch” like screen grab bellow?

So I need to save the extracted Nvidia Flex file folder here first?


the FLEX branch is a complete UE4 engine in itself, based on 4.7 I think. So if you want FLEX in 4.10.2 or later, you will have to merge the changes across yourself using the git tools and correcting any conflicts, its not an easy task unfortunately. My branch is based on 4.9.2 so a bit closer (I dont have a 4.10 version as I decided to skip 4.10 and wait for 4.11 due to complications)

GRRRR :slight_smile:
Oh boy. This is like playing Riven :slight_smile:
O.k. but thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Also I dont know if VS 2015 will even work with Flex.

So I get this error that there are files I have to download before I run the create project files batch.
Can anyone tell me where I download these files thank you ? :slight_smile:

Seems like you never run Setup.bat (all required steps are mentioned in the github repo readme).

As far as I know, Flex is still using cuda, so it’s Nvidia only. There was talk about DirectCompute version coming later on but I haven’t seen any new information about it.

Just figured it out actually and it all went well.
Running a build on the U4.sin file at the moment … :cool: