Is it possible to compare two different dynamic materials?

As in the thread, is it possible or no?I want to compare their colors, but when i try to do it, the color is always false, even when the colors are the same.


it is difficult to say without a picture of your material(s).

The first thought i had was:

Every variable in your material should be a parameter. Create a few variables outside of your materials and always update the parameters of your materials with your variables. In this case you can easily compare the variables outside of the materials.

The second thought… :smiley: :

Change your materials into material functions and drive in/out parameters converted to be comparable.

If you use different materials and you want to compare just the color for each pixel things getting difficult:

This thread shows you how to do that but you have to write code:

Here i’ve got my dynamic material blueprint:

And i’ve got comapring color macro, and when i compare one dynamic material, to one color ( it’s not dynamic, simple red, or blue) it’s working, but when i try to compare two dynamic materials, it’s always false, like the materials are different, but i know they are the same ( orange - orange, blue- blue)and i’ve got problem with that, maybe i’ve got something bad placed in my blueprint?

Can anyone help me solve this problem? I think the something is wrong in my blueprint, but i don’t have any idea what.
Thanks for any try of help! :slight_smile: