Is it possible to collapse folders in the world outliner by default?

Whoever decided the world outliner’s default is set to ‘expand all’, shall not be able to plug his/her USB cable into any device at once EVER!

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shift click on root node to colapse all, then click it again without shift to expand only at root level :smiley:

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What do you mean? The World Outliner doesn’t have a “root node”.

Press SHIFT key to expand all - I think everyone knows this;

Now, this is the messed up part - While all folders are expanded (by using the SHIFT key above), press CTRL + SHIFT to collapse the current folder, then while still holding CTRL, release SHIFT, then click to expand the current folder - you will discover all folders are folded.


I discovered this while I was frustrated by having to manually click and expand everything. Hope it helps!


Bingo! Not obvious, but that absolutely works. Thank you!

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Yes, this really helped me! BUT. Actually, it’s much simpler than that (now), you just close the top folder you want to fold while pressing SHIFT. That’s it, after reopening, everything will be closed under.


Great info, seems to work as you say. The grumpy side of me asks why the buck gets passed to the user to tidy up but at least there is a quick solve.

Now i am converting Forum Karlin Prague project from 3dmax to UE5
And that’s why I’m asking how to work in UE5

The project has over 180 lights in the main hall alone
and after the staircase and the foyer
and then the lights for the show

link for project

Sorry for one more question

Frozen objects and directories

It reminds me a bit, disease 3ds max
Layer into layer in Layers manager
Import / Export Layers 3ds max is the Big a Emptiness
Save only select one Layer, same problem

Why do we need it, Autodesk team !

I starting worker 3dsmax 4
I think the problem was solved in version 3dsmax 12

3dsmax - Import / Export still problem

It works thanks but gosh what a dumb way to do it, is Epic even listening to its users ?