Is it possible to collapse folders in the world outliner by default?

status of feature request = “cannot reproduce”

It’s may be mistake. Every time we should collapse folder with hundreds objects((

Bumping this. Come on Epic, you can do it ! :smiley:
“Cannot Reproduce” on UE-22913 is not the actual answer we need. <3

Hi Sean - the tracker notes that this is a cannot reproduce which must be a mistake, right? The default behavior is that the collapse/expand state in the outliner is not saved, so isn’t the repro to just run the editor? This isn’t a bug, it’s a missing feature.

Anyway - there are always other priorities so I understand it’s hard to push one thing forward - but as a dev on a team of 10 people I can tell you world outliner navigation is effectively pointless at this point unless you collapse everything whenever you reopen the editor. I’m also seeing our actor organization into folders begin to disappear as it seems pointless when the folder system has little use without a save state. Finding stuff is a real pain due to the simple inability to collapse all folders and/or save the folder state. It’s easier to ignore the world outliner completely and fly through the world to find things.

I hope the team will reconsider and get this small feature in the engine.


I tested this in 4.14.3 and it seemed to be working as listed in the ticket. The new behavior is that the folders will remember their state when the editor was closed. So if you remember to collapse them before you shut down the editor, they will remain collapsed when the editor is reopened.

Just tested this in 4.14 - that’s not the current behavior. The folders reset when the editor is closed and reopened. We have made some minor source code tweaks so maybe it’s local?

To clarify - when the editor is reopened, all folders are expanded by default

I’m not seeing that occur on our end. It could be possible that it’s related to something that you’ve changed. When I open up a first person project, collapse a few of the folders, and then restart the editor they remain closed when the editor opens back up.

Hmm… odd. I started a brand new vanilla project in 4.14, and it doesn’t save the folder state in outliner. I assume a new project should just show exactly the same behavior as you Sean - so I have no idea what could be causing it. I tried force saving all content to see if that kicked off the “save state” - but nothing.

Is there a checkbox I need to mark or something? Did I miss a simple step in getting the folder state to save?

Anyone else reading this - am I alone that the folder state is not saved? Maybe there’s an anomaly on my end (and on all of our devs end as we all have the same behavior).

Thanks for responding Sean!

Nope you are the the only one. It’s not working for me neither.

Did you guys make sure to save your map after making the changes? I saved my map and then after navigating to a different map I was able to come back to FirstPersonExampleMap with my folder state saved. Then, after restarting the project, I also saw the same folder state as when I had closed down.

Thanks for following up :slight_smile:

I did exactly as you said and… it worked! In the vanilla test of saving the level then closing it - the folder state is saved. I also tried with closing the editor and it worked as intended.

However, in my day to day use it doesn’t work. When I open the persistent level each morning all of the folders are by default expanded - which means there must be something in our daily routine which can cause the folder state to be lost. I checked our Perforce submissions for yesterday (the level was expanded when I opened it this morning, as usual) and don’t see any other check-ins of the persistent level by other devs (which I assume would override the folder state) so it’s not that.

Small note - Actors with child actor components do not save their expanded/collapsed state on level save. As we have hundreds of these actors in our project, it’s possible that interaction with them has something to do with the folder state saving. It would be nice to add the saving of their collapsed state to the system (though I acknowledge our set up may be an edge case issue).

I’ll keep an eye on it so I can get a repro for you - but thanks for spending time on the issue. Have a great Friday!

*Hello everyone,
I have entered a feature request for an option that allows you to collapse folders in the World Outliner by default, UE-22913. Thank you for your suggestions.

Nov 03 '15 at 11:57 PM*

26.05.2017 … Approaching second year of heavy thinking about how to make one “Collapse all/Expand all” button.

Still have no any button. Suffer all who work with large projects and hundreds of actor.

Brilliant efficient!!! Magnificent.

Since it’s probably a very easy feature to do, why don’t you dig into the source code and do a pull request to epic?
See, instead of being seen as a person who expect everything to be done for him, you could be seen as a person who work toward making things better.

Choose your side my friend.

Yes of course!!!
When you criticize someone why he does his work like wet is burn always there will be someone who say " Why do not you do it yourself ".
Because I do not work in Epic Games. Because I’m not a programmer who is developing new features.
And it does not mean that I or someone else as user of their product can not realistically assess the effectiveness of Epics work.
They make VR ui, do much much much much of all that I think is taken together harder than trivial obviously needed function Collapse/Expand All in World Outliner.
When work on the project goes beyond the rainbow starter template and you have to work with hundreds of actors - work becomes a pain. And it is obvious.

Users require capacity for work not a bells and whistles!!!

Maybe problem with the election of priorities for work inside Epic Games my friend?

Remember that any engine you will use will have that kind of “wait wtf you cant do that?”.
And yeah I agree that Epic balance between adding new features and improving the general feeling (for example, having a “collapse all button”, improve the doc, etc) is bad. But this is how it is. You can use the engine and get the source code for free.

To end this, about your hundreds of actors, it should not be a real problem as soon as you name properly them within your outliner, the filter is working perfectly.

Eureka! Hallelujah brothers!

Balance between adding new features and improving the general.
Management inside level it is basics. Comfortable UI it is basics.
Why people choose one programs instead of another. Even if functionality inside is the same. Not only because of feature list but also because of this features implementation.

To and this if wee have consensus about question that base need to be improved.

Word Outliner is not only about " filtering " which of course working perfectly. There are many tasks than not just about filtering but about moving actor to other folders, group/ungroup actors, create folders delete folders etc… And when you have to do this in something like " Main level " that including all other levels your outliner list going to be 3, 5, 8, 10 times higher than your display was. And you need to go up, then down , then up, then drag this actor down half minute, then drag this two actors up half minute…

Who thinks it is right, who TESTED it AT WORK and said that it is convenient? Who is this interesting man and why he still works there?
And it always want to be EXPAND ALL. Why. No one knows. But it is such as it is.

Okay. Maybe not a " button " if is so heavy to invent this one button. But just flip default EXPAND to default COLLAPSE.Professional user knows himself what and where it should be expand to use it in his work.

Shift-clicking works for me now, so they might have added that recently. Currently using 4.15. I suggest people use this, even though it doesn’t save your preferences it’s a quick work-around.

What is happening with this? UE-22913

I get a page stating that its an ‘Unknown Issue’? Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-22913)

The Issue still exists in 4.18.1, as far as I’m concerned this is not a low priority issue. With large scenes this can become a real headache.

Please Epic, fix this before adding more new features that a small percentage of users ‘might use’… everyone uses the World Outliner and it needs some love from you guys to help us users to retain our sanity.

The issue is not currently public as we have removed feature requests from the public tracker in order to provide a clearer focus on bugs.

This was verified as working as intended by one of our support staff. The current behavior should be that the folder status is saved and restored when the map is saved and reloaded.

If you are seeing different behavior, could you provide some more information so we can attempt to reproduce it internally?


Yes please. Driving me crazy collapsing folders over and over again!

Every time I hit PLAY the DATASMITH folders open and I have to manually close them again after exiting play.