Is it possible to change the world scale of a sublevel for an AR game?

Hi all,

We have a level from a previous project that we would like to make miniature, and put on a table through AR kit, but the scale is similar to the real world and so the level is, well, enormous.

I know that with VR you can use ‘world to meters’ in the world settings to change the scale of the VR player. I really hope there are plans to implement that sort of functionality with AR if possible in the future.

Is there another way to change the scale of a sublevel? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

World to Meters is in World Settings, which are global, so that feature wouldn’t apply to individual sub-levels anyway. For making a table miniature, you might explore selecting everything in the desired level and exporting it as an FBX that you then spawn in AR at the desired scale. Hope this helps!

The problem with doing that OR scaling everything down will result in weird dynamic lighting shadows.

A Set world scale node for your array of static meshes would work, you can have the scene at 1:1 scale in the level then when it’s spawned you can "Do hit test for ARKIT, break the transform from the spawn transform, divide the scale by what you want and then set the world scale with the new value down the line.

The nodes should be included with the ARSample project.

This is in the end more or less what we did, so I’ll mark this one as the answer. Thanks!

Could you give some more detail on this. I am currently making an AR game and the AI act really weird on such a small scale. I have tried streaming in a level on the hit result location and setting the scale there which is fine until some of my AI are spawned in and they often don’t work or will be very erratic.