Is it possible to cast shadows with an invisible object?

Hello guys,
Is it possible to cast shadows with an invisible object, with ray traced lighting?

I’ve searched a lot with google, but i can’t find anything about that.

There are options without ray trace.
I would assume you can either leverage those, or that a similar flag exists for ray tracing…

If there is no flag, or if it just doesn’t work…

I would use 2 directional lights and leverage the light channels in order to get the non raytraced shadow of the hidden object to display at a minimal cost (that of rendering only items set to the non ray traced light channel).

The simplest way to render an object only in shadows is to set “Render in Main Pass” to false in the component settings under rendering.

If this doesn’t work for ray tracing, you could use the Ray Tracing Quality Switch Replace Node. This should let you switch the material based on if it’s being rendered on the screen or in ray tracing.
In the material settings, set the blend mode to masked. For the normal pin, make opacity 0, and for the raytraced pin, make opacity 1. You shouldn’t need to use any other pin since this is only for shadows.