Is it possible to bake tesselation on a mesh?

Hello everyone,

I can’t seem to find the solution on this forum so i’m askin it here.

I have a material to create some clouds with very little nodes but a lot of tesselation

Making a game i’m trying to optimise everything especially polygons so my question i sthis.

Is it possible to bake a tesselation on a mesh?

My end goal is to have a sky sphere with this material, possibly making it move with a panner or a world position to induce movement. But it won’t be uselfull if the game lags.

Also is there any solution to lighten the tesselation process in game? I have a tesselation LOD material function at hand but I fear it won’t be usefull since the clouds will be far away…

Thank you for reading me, have a great day

I don’t think it would work. Your material there is using world positon, that’s why it looks animated when you move the cloud. If you baked it, the cloud would just be a ‘thing’ and would always look the same.

There isn’t any world position node actually. Maybe i’m missing some knowledge to understand what you’re trying to say

VertexNormalWS? Do you have that?

Yes I do have one in my material

If that’s the material I’m thinking it is, it doesn’t use tesselation, it uses world position offset. Do you have stuff plugged into the world displacement pin in the material?