is it possible to assign a texture as world position ??

hi everyone.
im new in unreal engine.

i created a position texture map via houdini PointVop.
How i did is that i’d simply created a polygon sphere and did UVunwrap it.
and converted the object’s point position(P) into RGB(Cd).
then i exported it as a texture in object’s UVspace which like the pic below.

is it possible to assign a texture like pic below as a world position?

what im trying to do here is
if i could use the texture as a world position.
then i would be able to add another texture on it.
after that i can create a offset for animation or i can shape any kind of explosion that i want.

Please help me out from this.
and Im not that good in English.
But hope u guys could get what did i mean.

here’s the texture files and obj file that i created.
hope it would be helpful.



You can link this texture to World Position Offset. But keep in mind - World Position contains positive and negative float data. You created your example in World Origin Point and save position data to 8-bit texture. This mean - all negative data was clamped to zero and other data distorted with gamma 2.2. UE4 support float file format for texture, but only for CubeMap.

For my example I changed your object in MAYA, because your mesh was very small (i scale it in 100 times). And export to FBX with Smooth group Info.

Also try to use Vector Displacement method. You can read about it in this thread

Hi svv3dUDN
Thanks for helping me on this.
i really appreciate that ur comment.

but it still doesn’t work to me.
i’d tried to converting the object’s coordinate from global space
into object space and created the 32bit float data(.exr).
and bring it back to UE and assigned them to the material.

The result is way different from what i created on houdini.

anyway,I’m going to try the VectorDisplacement.

Thanks a lot.

Here’s the sample files incase u want to give it a try out.

download Link