Is it possible to activate a GameplayAbility with a trigger event, and receive that event's payload?

In a GameplayAbility object you can set ‘Trigger Tags’ that activate the ability when the selected GameplayEvent fires on it’s owning actor - but is there any way to retrieve the event’s payload at activation time? The ability seems to still be activated through the standard ActivateAbility path, rather than ActivateAbilityFromEvent, meaning no payload. Is there more setup required to get ‘Event Activate Ability From Event’ to fire - other than just setting a Trigger Tag?

Right now I’m firing a trigger event just to start my ability, setting a WaitGameplayEvent task, then sending an extra event with the payload - which is obviously a hack/workaround. I’d like to just send one event with a payload, and have the ability activate and process it.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m running into this too. The documentation clearly says that’s how it is suppose to work, but I’m seeing it come in through “Event ActivateAbility” still which doesn’t have the Event Data payload parameter.

Googling the matter comes up with only 2 real English results. This post and the documentation page, so we could really use a lifeline on this one.

I did! Sorry I forgot to update this.

You have to delete the default event call ‘Event Activate Ability’. If that default event is in the event graph, it will always be used, and it’ll ignore any ActivateAbilityFromEvent calls (functions or events). It’s pretty dumb that a default event blocks this functionality, and definitely needs to be made more clear.