Is it possible clouds of BP_SKY_SPHERE to be near of player?

Is it possible clouds and sky of BP_SKY_SPHERE to be close and near of player. The all action to be very close to clouds?

Hello Angelz,

So one way to do this which I managed to achieve in one of my own scenes I was developing, is to select the BP_Sky_Sphere" and scale it down in size. Then physically shift it down lower in the world as well to lower the clouds a bit. Play with your cloud opacity as well to have more or less clouds in your scene.

Use the images as a reference on how to go about do this.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much I achieve some success according your way. Do you have an idea how to make all BP_SkyShpere to be full in clouds, not only a half of it? I suppose that must edit the material M_Sky_Panning_Clouds2 of static mesh SM_SkySphere?

Hello Angelz,

You can increase the clouds opacity by clicking on the BP_Sky_Sphere in your viewport and changing that via the Details panel. For more customization however, you will need to go into the material and make some of your own changes.

I know for clouds opacity, but this parameter can’t inject clouds in all material, only in half of it – in upper hemisphere (in the upper side of sphere). I want to achieve injection of clouds in all sphere. I tried to manipulate the material M_Sky_Panning_Clouds2 of static mesh SM_SkySphere, but after all manipulations and test something always divide sphere to two separate hemispheres (upper with clouds and down with solid color)?

This is something you will need to test yourself. Try going on to the forums and searching for other users who are trying to do something similar.

Thanks Andrew. I just submitted a new thread of my question there.