Is it possible change mesh bound

As you see, bound is too big for it. Is there anyway to adjust bound as mesh is shaped or same as its collision shape.

hey there, i don t think it s possible, and don t think it s very usefull neither. what do you want to achieve with that?

Actually what I’m trying to do is checking Actors in View Frustum. For that, I used WasRecentlyRendered function however it’s not accurate. Is there any ideas to get actors on screen

did you try to raycast all the screen and gather actors like this ? (it might be pretty heavy to compute if you re doing it every frame.
overwise there is a solution here brought by rama :How can I check if an object is visible by a camera? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

I’d already tried those on link and actors are rendered through checking bounds of meshes. This is why I’m trying to adjust my mesh bounds to make accurate rendering. Anyway thanks for helping :slight_smile: