Is it not possible to make an android multiplayer game, with 1 device being server and other client?

I wanted to make a multiplayer android game, nothing fancy. a game similar to this one:

its basically the light bike game from the movie tron. if you haven’t seen it, bikes run around in an arena leaving behind a wall of light and whoever smashes into the wall dies.
I read some posts about unreal engine in which one android device being unable to act as a server as well as client while, other client android devices connect to it. is it true?. Is running 1 android device as server a big hardware problem for the device?, i mean will it be impossible to run on some low end devices?. because i know lots of games that are able to accomplish that easily.
I am fairly new to unreal engine and game development in general, just wanted some heads up information before i dived in into making a game. however that being said, i am well versed with blueprints and have made lots of small projects for myself.
Thanks for your time!

Regarding the power, these devices could manage it just fine. To a point. If you’re trying to build a big multiplayer game you’re likely going to run into headaches. But a few connections isn’t going to destroy it.

With regard if an Android device can host a session, I believe you can do that these days. I know in the past this has been an issue. I don’t think that’s the case now. You’ll just want to follow a simple networking tutorial to test it. This should get you going.

Looks like 4.12 fixed some things here so you will likely need to upgrade from 4.10