Is it necessary to have a knowledge about programming before using Unreal Engine or not?

Hi everybody, I’m an interior designer & 3d visualizer and I want to start learn Unreal Engine & use it in the visualization field , Is it necessary to have a knowledge about programming (c++) or not ?

if you just want to visualize geometry then you wont need c++ at all. If you want to add simple stuff like door opening if you walk through then you can do that in blueprint (no c++ required). If you want to do a full blown game you will need c++ to some extent at least.

C++ knowledge is not required for creating projects with Unreal Engine 4.

Most workflows in the Engine, such as creating levels, animations, particle systems, audio, etc. are artist centric and artist friendly. It is also possible to implement behaviors in your projects using so called Blueprints, which are an artist friendly, visual way of writing programs and scripts.

See Overview of Blueprints Visual Scripting in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation