Is it just me or is there something wrong with MSAA performance in UE?


We recently tested our game with forward shading and MSAA.

MSAA quality 2 (which is the minimum quality to set) = 50% decrease of performance immediately. Runs it at 40 to 45 fps.

No anti-aliasing jumps the performance back up to over 90FPS.

Shading view shows 90% green for the entire level (all unlit materials), and geometry edge view (something Epic mentioned to look out for when using MSAA) also shows 75% green 10% white on some distant edges and 15 % red/orange areas.

For experimentation purposes we took same scene in Unity with MSAA quality pumped up and framerate never suffered like this even running it inside the editor.

Is there something in the implementation of MSAA inside UE that eats away so much of performance? Isn’t this AA method supposed to be fast for such cases?
I should also note that this is being used in VR.

Any insight or similar issues faced by devs around here?

Edit: I also noticed MSAA inside UE is doing a pretty bad job for some geometry edges even when I pump it up to 4X. While same scene in Unity has all edges super smooth at lower settings as expected.