Is it happening? Fallout 4 stuff on Polygon

This interesting stuff popped in on my Facebook feed:

We can always hope and dream :slight_smile:

^ Yep! I’m also seriously fighting the urge to post one of those “it’s happening!” meme pictures. =P

We can only hope that it is real! Hopefully soon, we will be playing Fallout 4!

P.S. Any moderators willing to fix the misspelled word in the Title of the thread?

Things do seem to suggest a Fallout 4 reveal at E3.

I’m not overly enthusiastic myself and never understood the popularity of Fallout 3. A game that’s so buggy you can barely run it for more than 15 minutes (and when you can you risk losing your save files) just doesn’t strike me as a good experience :stuck_out_tongue:

The game has very mixed opinions and experiences it seems. As I played it from the day of release for two weeks straight, without a single crash or save game corruption. I have read about being experiencing save game corruption, but in all the years of on and off pay of F3 and FNV, I have never once had my save game corrupted, so not sure whats up with that.

It was good fun, on PC at least. I’d never buy a Bethesda game on Console since they never seem to work properly and are constantly plagued with save bugs. Skyrim and New Vegas had the same thing.

People play Bethesda games on consoles?


Yeah, I know right? They should all know that the PC version is the only version there can be for a Bethesda game! (Mods anyone?)

I’ve sunk more time into F:NV than I care to admit.

It’s a sad day, when PC games are no longer played on PCs.


Haven’t we all.

Fallout: New Vegas was great fun to a point.

The newer Fallout games are a catch 22 for me.

I like the storyline of Fallout 3 so much more than New Vegas, but the Mojave is so much better than the Capitol Wasteland.
That being said, I like the Capitol Wasteland’s main attraction (Washington DC) more than that of New Vegas (New Vegas just isn’t my place).
Generally, New Vegas has a more engrossing world and less engrossing plot.


I think its happening :smiley:

I rather a proper game from bethesda and no mods. But the odds bethesda releasing a proper game is slim to none

And why is that? And what is a “proper game”?

I dont’ see Bethesda ever releasing these games without mod support. Their games get free content and updates that Bethesda doesn’t have to spend any time or resources on which ensures that the games survive much longer than they would without. Scrapping mod support would be incredibly stupid.

^ like nice looking faces nice hair, bug fixes basically a fallout with the mods you normally see is what I call a proper game.

Sure a bit less buggy on release would be nice, but I never had much problems with New Vegas upon release, I’ve played way buggier games. Faces aren’t pretty but Fallout is nowhere near new and it definitely doesn’t warrant calling it “not a proper game”, you have very weird priorities if that’s such a big issue for you.

I knew it, I knew someday it would come back to us :smiley:

Airships in fallout

I do love me some fallout:), although to me new vegas was fallout 4.

also was that an enclave power suite at the end?