Is it free to use ue4 as renderer?

Can i post renders (images and videos) making with ue on my artstation, instagram, youtube etc? Do i need to pay royalty?

You do not need to pay a royalty on any revenue from non-interactive media.

4 Revenue from an Unrestricted Product, including for clarity, revenue from a Product which solely relies on the Licensed Technology for production of non-interactive linear media (e.g., broadcast or streamed video files, cartoons, or movies) and which is Distributed in a form that does not contain the Licensed Technology or, in order to deliver, rely on servers running the Licensed Technology;

So i can make a movie with ue and post it on youtube? I don’t need to share profit with epics?

Yup! I work for an animation studio that uses UE4 for TV+Film production and even we are free to use UE4 royalty free.

wow that’s great, thank you very much!